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Cambridge-INET Institute   COVID-19 Economic Research


Special Features


January 5, 2021 - Tamay Besiroglu


August 19, 2020 - Abi Adams-Prassl, Teodora Boneva, Marta Golin, and Christopher Rauh


July 24, 2020 - Andrew Harvey and Paul Kattuman


June 24, 2020 - Xiaomeng Li and Weilong Zhang


May 11, 2020 - Noriko Amano-Patiño, Elisa Faraglia, Chryssi Giannitsarou and Zeina Hasna


May 5, 2020 - Nicolás Ajzenman, Tiago Cavalcanti and Daniel Da Mata


April 15, 2020 - Martin Bodenstein, Giancarlo Corsetti and Luca Guierrieri


June 21, 2020 - Oliver Linton


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Videos & Podcasts



May 11, 2021 - Flavio Toxvaerd

Dr Toxvaerd discussed The Economics of Vaccines in an interview with the At The Margin Podcast.



December 11, 2020 - Flavio Toxvaerd

Dr Toxvaerd discussed his research into Game Theory, Industrial Organisation and Economic Epidemiology at the Adam Smith's Panmure House research seminar series.



December 9, 2020 - Kamiar Mohaddes

Dr Mohaddes discussed the economic consequences of Covid-19 and the implications for entrepreneurs, at the King's College special ‘Global Perspectives’ webinar.


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The Great COVID-19 Vaccine Rollout: Behavioral and Policy Responses
Christopher Auld and Flavio Toxvaerd, (Cambridge-INET WP2117)

Contacts, Altruism and Competing Externalities
Flavio Toxvaerd, (Cambridge-INET WP2116)

Covid-19 Fiscal Support and its Effectiveness
Alexander Chudik, Kamiar Mohaddes and Mehdi Raissi, (Cambridge-INET WP2109)


Time Series Modeling of Epidemics: Leading Indicators, Control Groups and Policy Assessment
Andrew Harvey, (Cambridge Working Papers in Economics 2114)

Inferring the Effectiveness of Government Interventions Against COVID-19
Tamay Besiroglu, + 20 more co-authors (Science 15 December 2020)

Matching Theory and Evidence on Covid-19 using a Stochastic Network SIR Model
M. Hashem Pesaran and Cynthia Fan Yang, (Cambridge-INET WP2048)

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In the Media


April 27, 2021

Lockdowns Widen the Gender Gap in Mental Health

Abigail Adams-Prassl, Teodora Boneva, Marta Golin and Christopher Rauh


April 15, 2021

Has the Pandemic Changed Research Culture – and is it for the better?

Noriko Amano-Patiño, Elisa Faraglia, Chryssi Giannitsarou and Zeina Hasna


March 4, 2021

The Shifting Fronts in the Battle Over EU Trade Policy

Alexander Chudik, Kamiar Mohaddes and Mehdi Raissi


February 19, 2021

NIESR Weekly Covid-19 Tracker Using Time Series Model

Andrew Harvey and Paul Kattuman


January 26, 2021

Rebuilding a Resilient Britain: Trade and Aid

Meredith Crowley


January 19, 2021

News from the Women’s Committee - A Growing Divide

Chryssi Giannitsarou and Sarah Smith


January 19, 2021

Policy Panel - The Monetary-Fiscal Policy Mix Strikes Back

Giancarlo Corsetti


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